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Presented by State Library Victoria

Harry Potter Fanart

For most of us readers, Harry Potter has a special place in our hearts.

Whether it was the first book you fell in love with or whether while reading it, it feels like home,

I think many people would agree that it’s one of the best pieces of literature that’s ever been written.

So, I made drew some fan art of Hogwarts Castle with a galaxy (Because I am obsessed with them)

Feel free to give feedback,

Bookdragon xx



OH WOW THIS IS STUNNING!!! Seriously this is epic, I love it SO much!!!

10th Jul, 18

Thanks!! xx

18th Jul, 18

Amazing. I love your style <3. I love the extra galaxy touch.

10th Jul, 18

Thank you so much <3

18th Jul, 18

Fantastic drawing .The sky looks a bit like the aurora bourealis ( northen lights ) .

13th Jun, 19